Private paint label

Since 1992, hella pais interieurs has offered its private paint label, which by now, consists of more than eighty colours. Colour brings a space to life. By combining saturated, strong colours or soft pastels, you can create the effect you are looking for. We are more than happy to give you advice on this.

High quality paint

The paint is produced by an artisan paint manufacturer in the heart of Amsterdam and is available in different types of high quality paint:

  • latex (mat)
  • mat, satin and glossy, on oil and water basis
  • concrete paint
  • radiator paint
  • outdoor latex
  • acryl

Hand painted samples

Light is the most important element for colour. It makes paint pigments come to life. For this reason, we have large hand painted samples of our collection. This allows you to see what the colour does in your own home or work space at any time of the day. The hand painted samples give an accurate impression of the colour. This helps you to observe how daylight, artificial light and surrounding objects like trees and buildings influence it.