Antiques, kelims and art

By combining contemporary fabric and furniture with antiques, Kelim rugs and art, your interior gains individuality, contrast and spontaneity. Besides changing collections of antique furniture, chandeliers and mirrors, hella pais interieurs offers Kelim cushions, couches, foot stools and rugs. These are available in different sizes - usually in stock, but also on order - adjusted to every colour setting. Because the rugs are antiques, you always have a unique piece.


hella pais interieurs has worked with a variety of artists, including Han Ebbelaar, Nathalie L’été, Femke Huisman, Ellen Hendrix and Kerry Horne. There is always a changing collection of paintings on show that perfectly matches our view of interior decorating. Every now and then, hella pais interieurs organizes festively opened exhibitions. If you would like us to keep you up to date, please subscribe through the contact form on the ‘contact’ page.